The Duncanson Family


Horton, Nova Scotia

(A genealogical account of the descendants of
who lived at Horton, Nova Scotia between 1782 and 1802.)

Compiled by John V. Duncanson











IV. 2MARY DUNCANSON (1773-1845)








A. Petition by 2Charles, 2George & 2James Duncanson for a land grant
B. Petition by 2William and 2Ebenezer Duncanson for a land grant
C. Extracts from letters 4Charles A. Duncanson (1858-1943) to 6John V. Duncanson
D. Duncanson surname an accepted sept of Clan Donnachaidh of Atholl (Clan Robertson)


Persons of Duncanson and Duncan surnames

Person of other surnames


In 1937 with the assistance and encouragement of my grandfather, 4Herbert O. Duncanson (1859-1943) of Falmouth, Nova Scotia, a listing of the descendants of our ancestor 2GEORGE DUNCANSON (1774- ) of Horton, Nova Scotia was undertaken. During the course of investigations considerable data on other branches of the Duncanson family of Gaspereau(Horton) was collected and it soon became evident that a long range research programme would be required to classify the various members of the family into different family groups. It was also hoped that the research would throw light on the identity and place of origin of 1JAMES DUNCANSON, the founder of the Duncanson family of Horton, Nova Scotia.
After a careful examination of many records: the Horton Township Book, land grants, probate and land transfer records of the Horton area, family bibles, Census returns for the province of Nova Scotia and the State of Minnesota, marriage and death returns for Horton and certain newspapers published during the period under study, it was decided that an attempt would be made to list the descendants of all branches of the Horton family. In this account, emphasis has been placed on the earlier generations of the family but where lists of recent descendants have been available, this information has been included. Although considerable progress has been made, I regret that one of the main objectives has not been reached since, the place of origin and identity of our ancestor, 1JAMES DUNCANSON of Horton remains as yet un-known. There are traditions in all branches of the family that 1JAMES DUNCANSON emigrated from Scotland to Nova Scotia and this is supported by a statement of 4Jehiel Duncanson, concerning his great-grandfather, which appeared in the Wolfville Acadian of 19 March 1886. Another reference to the founder of the family has been made by the late 4Charles A. Duncanson (1858-1943) - see Appendix "C". This reference relates to the tradition that 1JAMES DUNCANSON came to Nova Scotia with one of the Scottish Regiments during or following the period of the Expulsions of the Acadians from Nova Scotia (1755). The period of emigration appears to coincide with the extensive migration of the Clan Donnachaidh from Scotland following the Battle of Culloden (1745). - see Appendix "D"
The decision to issue the current listing has been made in order to make the information available to many persons who have expressed interest in this project. It is hoped that by making the data available to genealogical research centers and to interested parties that others will be stimulated to carry on further investigations and that at some future date this listing will be reissued in greater detail and with special emphasis on the founder of the Duncanson family of Nova Scotia.
I am indebted to many persons for help with the various branches of the family. Special mention must be made concerning the late 4Charles A. Duncanson (1858-1943) of Byron, Minn., Mrs. Geneva Duncanson Tan, Duluth, Minn., Mrs. Florence Duncanson Rau and Misses Elsie and Laurel Ihfe of West St. Paul, Minn., whose special interest has resulted in the detailed lists for the Duncanson families of Minnesota.
Correspondence concerning additions or corrections to this record will be welcomed by the compiler. Mail should be addressed to John V. Duncanson, Falmouth, Hants County, Nova Scotia.


Saint John, New Brunswick,
Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia, one of Canada's Atlantic Provinces, was once known as Acadia. In 1604 Sieur de Monts sailed from France to colonize Acadia and established the first permanent settlement of Europeans north of the Gulf of Mexico at Port Royal in 1605. In 1632 forty families of French farmers from the west coast of France settled in Acadia. They increased in numbers and the majority then known as "Acadians", were deported in 1755 (see note on the Township of Horton).
The first British attempt at the settlement of Nova Scotia was made in 1621 when King James the Sixth of Scotland and First of England granted the province to Sir William Alexander, a Scottish gentleman. For more than a century France and Great Britain disputed ownership of the territory and in 1763 the British were confirmed in their possession of Nova Scotia.
In 1753, two thousand Protestant Hanoverians from the Palatinate and Upper Rhine founded the town and county of Lunenburg in Nova Scotia. Between 1760 and 1761 twenty-two shiploads of New England planters (Pre-Loyalist settlers) moved to Nova Scotia to take over lands left vacant by the Acadians. Eleven shiploads of Yorkshireman came to Nova Scotia during the 1770's, settling in Cumberland County. After the American Revolution twenty-five thousand loyalists arrived in Nova Scotia, many of them founding the town of Shelburne. After the turn of the century the main migration of Highland Scottish settlers to Nova Scotia began. During this period nearly fifty thousand Highland Scots settled in Cape Breton Island and in the mainland counties of Antigonish and Pictou. As a race, they clung to the Gaelic language and traditions, wore the kilt on all festive occasions and retained many of their Highland characteristics.
The population of the province now stands at approximately 700,000.

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The township of Horton was founded by New England settlers (Pre-Loyalist) mainly from New London, Saybrook and Stonington in Connecticut. On June 1, 1760 Captain Rogers arrived with six transports loaded with these settlers and their stock. They had been 21 days at sea. They occupied, largely, lands that had been cleared by the Acadians who were descendants of immigrants from France who had settled in Acadia in 1632. The Acadians at Grand Pre had greatly prospered in this fertile fruit growing country but steadfastly refused to take the prescribed oath to George II. They were accordingly driven onboard the transports which conveyed them to Massachusetts, Louisiana and other places. *

The Horton district now forms part of Kings County and includes the area now known as Grand Pre, Gaspereau, Hortonville and the town of Wolfville.
Gaspereau was the name assigned to the section of land extending from the ridge at the back of the town of Wolfville across the Gaspereau Valley and up the slopes of the Horton mountain. The village takes its name from the Gaspereau, a tidal river which flows through the Gaspereau Vally and into the "Basin of Minas" at the village of Grand Pre.
The Acadian village of Grand Pre has become well known as the scene of Longfellow's poem "Evangeline". Eight years previous to the expulsion of the Acadians a command of 470 New England troops under Colonel Arthur Noble from Massachusetts, who were quartered in French houses at Grand Pre, were surprised and defeated during a snowstorm on the night of February 11, 1747 by a force under Coulon de Villiers, who had made a forced march from Beaubassin. Colonel Noble, his brother and 75 of his men were killed. Thirty of these were slain in their beds before they could rise and arm themselves. This happening was one of the reasons for the expulsion of 1755, as the presence of Colonel Noble and his men in the village was reported to de Villiers by the Acadians, and several of them acted as guides for the attacking party. Many will recall the lines of the poem which describe the village of Grand Pre:

"In the Acadian land, on the shores of the Basin of Minas,
Distant, secluded, still, the little village of Grand-Pré
Lay in the fruitful valley. Vast meadows stretched to the eastward,
Giving the village its name, and pasture to flocks without number.
Dikes, that the hands of the farmers had raised with labor incessant,
Shut out the turbulent tides; but at stated seasons the flood-gates
Opened, and welcomed the sea to wander at will o'er the meadows.
West and south there were fields of flax, and orchards and cornfields
Spreading afar and unfenced o'er the plain; and away to the northward
Blomidon rose, and the forests old, and aloft on the mountains
Sea-fogs pitched their tents, and mists from the mighty Atlantic
Looked on the happy valley, but ne'er from their station descended."

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This scene of Blomidon from a site in Grand
Pre, Nova Scotia, is typical of the orchards
and fields of the Horton area.


b born

bp baptized

Chr.Mess Christian Messenger (newspaper)

d. d. died

dau. daughter

G.R. Gravestone Record

H.T.B. Horton Township Book

K.R.O. Kentville Registry Office
(Kentville, Nova Scotia)

m. m. married

PANS Public Archives of Nova Scotia

r. r. residence

unm. unmarried

WW1 World War 1

+ indicates that additional information on the particular family will be found below.


JAMES DUNCANSON b. ;m. Isabella ----; d. about July 1802 at Horton, N.S.

blacksmith at Horton, N.S.; his name appears in land transfer records (Kentville, N.S. Registry Office) for 1782 and between this date and his death he carried out numerous land transfers; 3 July 1783 he buys from Eleazer and David Chappel 27 acres for £25; off east side of 2nd Div. Farm Lot #4 in Letter C bounded as follows: North as said lot runs to the River Gaspereau, West by said river 5 chains 46 links thence south to beginning at the head of said 2nd Div. Farm Lot thence East to 1st mentioned bounds containing 25 acres except the highway that is laid across said lot;
15 Jan. 1784 - Ear mark for cattle recorded in Horton Records under the name James Dunkerson; 18 May 1790 - Horton Supreme Court Record - Wm. Read vs James Duncanson re note for £5/19/2; 11 Nov. 1790 - buys 37 acres and half from Lebbeus Harris, John Murdoch and Jonathan Crane for £95 in Lot No. 4 Letter C also ½ size land in rear of said lot being the same secured by deed to David Chapple from his father Eleazer Chapple deceased the whole above mentioned and described premises situate lying and being the south side of the Gaspereau or Salmon River in the Township of Horton from deed by David Chapple dated 29 Nov. 1783;8 Mar. 1802 - his petition concerning injury caused by new public road being laid out through his lands was presented to the House of Assembly for Nova Scotia - TEXT OF PETITION: Petition of James Duncanson at Horton most humbly sheweth that whereas your petitioner purchased of Joseph Curly several lots of land lying on the south side of the Gaspero River for lumber and pasture etc. as will appear from plan annexed (no plan attached to document) that Mr. Benjamin Belcher and William Campbell Esq's, Commissioners of Roads have caused public Road laid through same leading to Avon Bridge dividing said land in two making it difficult to fence also has suffered great damage by sundry persons trespassing upon each side road, cutting timber besides carrying away all that was left in clearing said road and your petitioner was not benefited as many others having a good road in said land before said new road was laid out therefore your petitioner requests your Honours will please grant him the sum of £25 which will not be more than compensate for the damage your petitioner has and may receive in consequence of said new road. Your petitioner as in duty bound will ever pray.
Signed "JAMES DUNCANSON" Petitioner Feb.28,1802
- - Journal of House of Assembly Proceedings -

3 Mar. 1802 - "The subscribers considering that the lower bridge over the Gaspereau River has lately gone whereby the passing that way to Hants County is obstructed wish to commence work on said as early as possible. Proposal of bridge over Gaspereau River to be built near the Pear Tree (so called) and to be 100 feet in the span between each buttment and the front buttment 30 ft. square at bottom, high enough as to clear tides." List of subscribers followed and subscribers shown as giving from £2 to £20; James Duncanson is listed as giving £17/ /6/
- - Journal of House of Assembly Proceedings -

The rough plan among these documents for the new road from the bridge over the Gaspereau to Falmouth through Bishop's Land, Duncanson's Land and through Crane's and Burbridge's land; £50 granted for this project 5 April 1802;
17 July 1802 - John Allison, Esq. writes to William Campbell, Esq. Judge of Probate on behalf of the widow of James Duncanson requesting that letters of administration be made out on the estate of James Duncanson for "Isabel Duncanson, James Duncanson, John Allison and Joseph Allison also to make out the warrant of appraisement of said estate to be made by James Fulkerton, William Allison and Caleb Forsyth. (James) Duncanson was a Contractor for the New (Bridge) on Gaspereau River" dated at Horton 19 July 1802 - Bond re Estate of James Duncanson for £1000; signed by Isabella Duncanson widow, of the late James Duncanson of Horton, blacksmith; James Duncanson, Husbandman; John Allison, Esquire and Joseph Allison, Gentlemen all of Horton.

i)    2James Duncanson b. Probate Record
ii)    2Mary Duncanson b. 1773 Family Bible Record
iii)    2George Duncanson b. 10 March 1774 Gravestone Record
iv)    2Charles Duncanson b. 1781 Death Record PANS
v)    2William Duncanson b. 1782 Death Record PANS
vi)    2Ebenezer Duncanson b. d. about 1848 Probate Records
vii)   2Alexander Duncanson b. d. about 1843 Probate Records
viii)    2Solomon Duncanson b. d. 13 Dec 1862 Land Transfer Records

1James and Isabel Duncanson confirmed as parents of 2William Duncanson by documentary evidence (Death Record PANS)
2James Duncanson, administrator in the estate almost certainly indicates father and eldest son relationship


b. d. m. (probably named Martin)'was married with 2 Children in 1813 at time of his petition for land grant; the Horton Township Book contains an entry on a James Duncanson who married Latitia Cook in Ireland on 4 June 1814 and his family is also listed (1) but this entry does not appear to be the family of James A. Duncanson son of James; bondsman in his father's estate in July 1802 and at that time shown as "husbandman" of Horton; 28 Jan 1813 petitioned His Excellency Sir John Coape Sherbrook, Lt. Gov. of the province of Nova Scotia for a land grant; listed as a married man with 2 Children; 1814 Henry Cove and others including James Duncanson , Charles and George Duncanson granted 7,850 acres on the southern side of the Musquodoboit River in Halifax County, Nova Scotia; James received 250 (See Appendix "A") acres; 1 June 1835 James D. deeds to Thomas D. for £100 right, title and interest in farm and buildings formerly property on which Thomas Duncanson lives - K.R.O. Horton Bk. 9, p.442; 26 April 1838 James and Solomon Duncanson deed 275 acres in Horton 3rd Div. Farm Lots #114 to John T. Davison - K.R.O. Horton Bk. 9, p.497: 16 Sept. 1850 James A. Duncanson, Charles and Thomas Duncanson, husbandmen of Horton, N.S. deed to John Coldwell for £158/15, 250 acres of upland lying in Horton: South side of Gaspereau River - North by Gaspereau River, East George Duncanson's place so called and lands of John Duncanson, South by land of the heirs of John Coldwell and heir of Ebenezer Coldwell and Griffin Miner and also one acre and one half of diked marsh on the Wickwire Dyke - K.R.O. Horton Bk. 16, p.139; his wife had probably died by 1838 since she is not referred to in the land conveyance of 1 June 1835

1) 3Thomas Duncanson b. 1804; d. May 1882. Gravestone Rec. Gaspereau Cemetery. m. Sarah Coldwell (1808-1890) she d. 11 Mar 1890 - G.R. ;dau. of John Coldwell (1771- ) and Eliphel Bishop dau. of Peter Bishop and Phebe Hamilton.
   1.    4James Duncan(son) m. Sept 1860 Sophia Duncanson
   2.    4Jehiel Duncanson (1838-1900)
   3.    4Jane Duncanson m. ---Spinney
   4.    4Maria Duncanson m. ---Morse
   5.    4Alfred Duncanson (1844-1937) m. Mary Green (1855-1927)
   6.    4Cyrus Duncanson (1847-1938)
   7.    4Alice Duncanson b. ;d. ; m. 1st Gideon Eaton b. 14 Sept. 1848 d. ca. 1881 son of Timothy Eaton and Sarah A. Westcott. Eaton lineage: (2) m. 2nd Charles Rathbone.
         Children 1st Marriage: Surname Eaton
            i) (son)
   8.   4Mary L. Duncanson b. ;bap. 1 March 1874 Gaspereau Baptist Church; m. 13 Nov 1858 at Wolfville, N.S. Burton Eagles of Gaspereau N.S.
        - Chr. Mess. 1 Dec. 1858

4CYRUS DUNCANSON (3Thomas, 2James, 1James)

b. 1847 probably at Horton, N.S.; d. 1938 burial at Gaspereau Cemetery; r. Grand Pre, N.S.; m. Mrs. Imogene Coldwell Anderson (1858-1942) dau. of Isaac Coldwell and Mary Eliza Miner; she was b. 6 May 1858; Mary E. Miner's parents were James Ed. Miner and Sarah Griffin;
1)    5Vera Duncanson m. H. Willison; r. Grand Pre, N.S
         Children: Surname Willison
         1.) John Willison m. Shirley Poole
2)    5May Duncanson m. F. Hennigar
         Children: Surname Hennigar
         1.) Burrell Hennigar

4JAMES DUNCANSON (3Thomas, 2James, 1James)

b. d. ; m. 4 Sept 1860 Sophia Duncanson dau. of John Cyrus Duncanson (1806-1872) (son of George) and Esther Tibbets (1803-1846) of Horton, N.S. Chr. Mess of 19 Sept 1860 reported that "James Duncan" married "Sophia Duncanson" both of Horton, N.S.
1)    5Henrietta Duncanson b. d. : m. F. Eye


b. 1781; d. Gaspereau, N.S. 26 Dec. 1865 - Death Record PANS (unfortunately) the registrar's report is not available in the record of death so that the items re place of birth and names of parents are not available.); Cattle ear mark recorded in Horton Township Book for 1 Feb. 1812; 28 Jan.1813 he petitioned Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Lt. Gov. Of Nova Scotia for a land grant.
The petition indicated that he was an inhabitant of the Township of Horton, N.S. He was listed as a single man. The petition also included the names of George and James Duncanson. In 1814 he was granted 200 acres on the southern side of the Musquodoboit River in Halifax County. See Appendix "A".
4 Dec. 1830 - a description of George Duncanson's property refers to 5 acre lot "That I hold from Charles Duncanson with all and singular the houses, barns, buildings, etc."; 1 Mar. 1842 Charles Duncanson together with Thomas D. and Sarah his wife mortgage farm in Gaspereau described as follows: Partly on north and partly on south side of the main road leading from the Post Road to Benjamin Mills bounded as follows:
East - lands of Thomas A. Duncanson, L. DeWolf and Elisha DeWolf;
South - lands of William Duncanson
West - Partly by lands of Ebenezer Coldwell and partly by the lands of Griffin Miner
North - By Gaspereau River; including houses, out houses and buildings containing 270 acres.
No reference is found to a marriage; from the land transfer records Charles Duncanson appears to have been a tenant in common with his brothers.36.


b. 1782 at Horton, N.S. (Gaspereau, N.S.) d. 22 Oct. 1868 Gaspereau, N.S.
Ref. Death Records PANS; Burial: Gaspereau Cem. G.R.
m. 17 Dec. 1808 Eleanor Benjamin (1788 - 1860) d. 5 May 1860 burial Gaspereau Cem. G.R. ; dau. Of Caleb Benjamin and Lucy Coldwell who were married 6 Aug. 1784;
2 Jan. 1810 Wm. D. and Ebenezer D. and others petitioned His Excellency Sir George Provost, Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Nova Scotia for a grant of land. Wm. D. shown as a resident of Horton "for many years past" and as married with one child; he was granted 250 acres in the Council on 19 Feb. 1810; the grant was located on the eastern side of College Lake on the Antigonish side of St. Mary's River;
See Appendix "B".
1838 - Listed as a farmer at Horton, N.S. in 1838 census 1 family of 6.
1840 2 Aug. Wm. Duncanson buys from Ebenezer Duncanson land on which Ebenezer lives also household furniture and blacksmith tools.
1841 Shows as a founding member of the 2nd Horton Baptist Church.
23 Dec. 1852 Together with Chas. Duncanson and others sells lands to Benjamin Duncanson.
5 Apr. 1856 William Duncanson and wife Eleanor sell 200 acres to Jeremiah K. Duncanson in Horton, N.S., described as the homestead farm of William Duncanson bounded as follows: West by lands of heirs of John Coldwell
South " " of Thomas Duncanson
East by Chapel Hollow Brook
North by lands in possession Cyrus Coldwell.

/s/ Thomas and Chas. Duncanson

Children: Reference
i)     3BENJAMIN DUNCANSON b. 16 July 1809 H.T.B.
ii)     3EUNICE DUNCANSON b. 20 Oct. 1810 "
iii)    3JACOB DUNCANSON b. 30 July 1813 "
iv)    3THOMAS DUNCANSON probably died young (21)
vi)    3WILLIAM DUNCANSON b. 5 May 1825 at Horton, N.S.
vii)    3JEREMIAH K. DUNCANSON b. 10 Oct. 1827 at Horton, N.S.

b. 16 July 1809 Horton, N.S. ; m. Clarissa Allen (1816-1884) dau. Of Jonathan Allen (1780-1846) and Sarah Benjamin (1786-1865) of Horton, N.S. ; he d. 1879 probably at Stewartville, Minn. ; he is listed as a resident of Horton, N.S. in the 1838 census with a family of 1 dau. Under 6 years of age; 23 Dec. 1852 buys a wood lot in Horton from William and Charles Duncanson and others and also 5 acres of dike marsh land on the Boot Island marsh; 26 Dec. 1855 he and his wife Clarissa sell 225 acres in Horton, N.S. - Lot 88 of 3rd Div. Deed registered at Kentville Registry Office - Horton Bk. 20, p. 294; probably emigrated to Stewartville, Minn. In 1856 census for Olmstead County, High Forest, Minn. For 1875 lists his family as follows: Benjamin Duncan aged 64, Clara aged 54, Leander aged 36, Charles aged 16, Joseph aged 14 - all are shown as born in Nova Scotia except Charles and Joseph - Minnesota Census Records (22) (23)


i)    4SARAH JANE DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. (1837-1896)
ii)    4HARVEY DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. 16 May 1839; d. 1890; unmarried
iii)    4LEANDER DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. (1840-1921)
iv)    4MARIA DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. (1843-1924)
v)    4RUXBY DUNCANSON b. 11 Aug. 1845 Horton, N.S.; m. 29 Nov. 1863 Wm. Austin; d. 18 Mar. 1941.

      Children: Surname Austin
      1. Elizabeth Austin m. ---Wilford
         Children: surname Wilford
         1. Myrtle Wilford
         2. Frank Austin moved to Western U.S.A.
         3. Malcolm Austin lived in Jackson Minn.

vi)    4JOSEPH DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. 7 Mar. 1847; d. 9 Sept. 1856 "Snakebite"
vii)    4AMY DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. 18 Nov. 1851; d. 4 Nov. 1865
viii)    4MARIETTA DUNCANSON b. Horton, N.S. (1853-1926)
ix)    4CHARLES A. DUNCANSON b. Minn. (1858-1941)

b. 1837; m. JOHN CLOW; d. 1896.
   Children: surname Clow
   i. JOSEPH CLOW adopted by grandfather, Benjamin Duncanson, and assumed name of Joseph Duncanson. B. 8 Oct. 1861. d. 6 Feb. 193538
   ii. EMMA CLOW
   iii. JOHN A. CLOW

b. 8 Oct. 1861 son of 4Sarah Jane Duncanson and John Clow; adopted by grandfather, Benjamin Duncanson and assumed Duncanson surname; m. Ellen McCarthy (1853-1940). She was b. 14 July 1853 and d. 12 Nov. 1940. Lived at Glyndon, Minn. And Ferndale and Bellingham Wash. D. 6 Feb. 1935.
   Children: surname Duncanson
i) 6ELVA JOSEPHINE DUNCANSON b. Glyndon, Minn. ; m. Arthur Preston. No issue
ii) 6LAURA DUNCANSON b. 1886; m. Freemont Adams.
Children: surname Adams
   1. Aileen Adams m. 1. Lynn Barrett. 2. Joseph Webber.
   2. Doris Adams m. Preston Hartles
      Children: surname Hartles
      3. Joseph Adams m.
            Children: surname Adams
iii) 6JOSEPH CHARLES DUNCANSON b. 1889; m. Vivian -
   1. 7HELEN DUNCANSON m. H. Gehnder
      Children: surname Gehnder
      1. Susan Gehnder
      2. Danny Gehnder

iv) 6HELEN DUNCANSON b. 1893. unm.

v) 6ALLEN DUNCANSON (5Joseph Clow Duncanson, 4Sarah Jane Duncanson, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James).
b. 1896; m. Gladys Reed, living at Oakdale, Calif. (1960)
   i) 7ROBERT DUNCANSON m. 1941 Alice Coulthard
   ii) 7JOSEPH DUNCANSON m. 1948 Barbara Birkell, Oakland, Calif.
      1. 8Robert Duncanson
   iii) 7MARGARET DUNCANSON m. 1941 Wm. Hawken.
      Children: surname Hawken
      2. Paul Hawken
      3. Pamela Hawken
iv) 7ROSE ELLEN DUNCANSON m. Robert Morgan
      Children: surname Morgan
      1. Jennie Rose Morgan
      2. Carol Marguerite Morgan

4LEANDER DUNCANSON (3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1840; m. 1st Lillian Smith; 2nd Adelia Hannah; d. 1921; served in Minn.
Cavalry 30 Dec. 1863 to 1866; Ref: The Stewartville Story *1 reports
that Lee Duncanson "made settlement" at High Forest Township, Minn.
In 1855. This is probably in error since the census of 1875 for High
Forest, Minn. shows his father, Benjamin, as head of the family.

   i) 5MILDRED MAY DUNCANSON b. 1877; d. 1921
   ii) 5LEE VERN DUNCANSON b. 1883; d. 1948
   iii) 5LILLIAN DUNCANSON b. r. Stewartville, Minn.
   iv) 5LYNN DUNCANSON b. 1887; d. 1959
   v) 5ELLERY CHARLES DUNCANSON b. 1890; d. 1959
   vi) 5HENRY DUNCANSON b. ; d. 1892

5MILDRED MAY DUNCANSON (4Leander, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1877; d. 1921; m. Sanford Markham (1870-1940)
   Children: surname Markham
   i) Neal Markham
   ii) Earl Markham
   iii) Glen Markham

* 1 The Stewartville Story, Centennial Book Committee, Stewartville, Minn., 1958.

5LEE VERN DUNCANSON (4Leander, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1883; m. Alma Dettloff. D. 1948
   i) 6VERN DETTLOFF DUNCANSON (1912-1956) m. 1. Leota Plunkett    2. Mildred Copeman.
      Children: 1st marriage
      1. 7DIANE DUNCANSON m. D. Skogley
         Children: surname Skogley
         1. Duann Skogley
         2. Pamela Skogley
         3. Nadine Skogley
         4. Todd Duane Skogley
      2. 7LAVERNE DUNCANSON m. Dane Allard (California)
   ii) 6EILEEN DUNCANSON m. Orie Austin
   Children: surname Austin
   1. Francille Austin
   2. William Austin

5LYNN DUNCANSON (4Leander, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1887; m. 1st Ester -----; 2nd Helen -----; d. 1959; no issue. Served in U.S. Army World War 1.

5ELLERY CHARLES DUNCANSON (4Leander, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 28 Feb. 1890 Stewartville, Minn. ; m. Lucille Schraut on 27 Nov. 1927 (of Nashua, Iowa) d. 6 Oct. 1959 Spring Valley, Minn.; No Issue.Ref: Who's who in Minnesota, 1941, p. 185 - President and one of the Founders of the Home Fed. Savings Assoc. Spring Valley, Minn.

5HENRY DUNCANSON (4Leander, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. ; d. Sept. 1892; First funeral in Stewartville Methodist Church for Henry, son of Mr. & Mrs. Lee Duncanson 18 Sept. 1892.

*The Stewartville Story, Centennial Book Committee, Stewartville, Minn. , 1958.

4MARIA DUNCANSON (3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1843 at Gaspereaux, N.S. ; m. P.E. Dunn (1832 - 1907) ; d. 1924 at Garden Valley, Wis. ; Burial at East Lawn Cemetery; emigrated with father's family to U.S.A. She remained in La Crosse, Co. with uncle James Allen's family. She m. P.E. Dunn of Black River Falls, Wis. And moved to Garden Valley, Wis. Where she lived for over 40 years.
   Children: surname Dunn
   i. Gordon A. Dunn b. 1865; d. 1933; m. Bertha McClennan; lived at Alma Centre, Wis.
   ii. Minnie Dunn b. 1863; d. 1929; m. Howard S. Cadby (1859-1943)
      Children: surname Cadby
      1. Paul Cadby
      2. Alice Cadby
      3. Carl Cadby
      4. John Cadby
   iii. Oliver Dunn b. 1869; d. 1939; m. Jessie Eaton, Superior, Wis.
      1. Lucille Dunn
      2. Bernadine Dunn
   iv. Halbert Dunn b. 1883; d. 1933; m. 20 Sept. 1905 Effie Guish, lived in Garden Valley, Wis. (1884-1953)

4MARIETTA DUNCANSON (3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1853 Nova Scotia; m. 8 June 1875 Charles Lenton (1851-1914) of Stewartville, Minn. D. 1926.
   Children: surname Lenton
   1. Clarence Lenton b. 30 Oct. 1879; d. 1942
   2. Clara Lenton b. 1884; d. 1946; m. E. Goodenough of Springfield, Mass.
   3. Nealan Lenton b. 1890; d. 1929; m. 26 Oct. 1921 N. Smalley
      Children: surname Lenton
      1. Charles Nealan Lenton
      2. Marjorie Lenton m. Ronald Selden
      3. Maryetta Lenton m. Douglas Grabau

4CHARLES A. DUNCANSON (3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1858 Stewartville, Minn.; m. May Vail (1859-1944); d. 1941 at Byron, Minn.
   1. 5ARCHIE V. DUNCANSON m. Anna Nyquist
   3. 5GENEVA DUNCANSON m. Wm. Ellis Tan. R. Duluth, Minn.
   4. 5RAYMOND E. DUNCANSON m. 1st. Mrs. Gloria --- 2nd Hannah Fedje
   5. 5ARCHIE V. DUNCANSON (4Charles, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
   a. 1886; m. Anna Nyguist (1885-1939); d. 1943; lived in Minneapolis, Minn.
      i) 6DONALD NYGUIST DUNCANSON m. Margaret Tatum. Served in U.S. Navy W.W.11.

5CHARLES LESLIE DUNCANSON (4Charles, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 1888; m. A. Espeseth; d. 1930.
   1. 6STUART DUNCANSON m. hazel McLean; served in U.S. Navy W.W. 11.
   2. 6CORRINNE DUNCANSON m. Rev. Almer Fenner - Missionaries to Bolivia
      Children: surname Fenner
      1. Jonathan Fenner b. La Paz, Bolivia
      2. Josephine Fenner b. Minneapolis, Minn
      3. Timothy Fenner b. La Paz, Bolivia
      4. Margaret Fenner b. La Paz, Bolivia

3. 6CHARLES L. DUNCANSON m. Helen Anderson; Served in U.S. Army W.W. 11.

4. 6MARILYN DUNCANSON m. Douglas M. Stewart, living in Fontana, California (1961)
   Children: surname Stewart
   1. Carla Stewart

   Children: surname Ralston
   3. Eric George Ralston

6. 6REV. ROBERT LEE DUNCANSON m. Joan Hanson; Lutheran Missionaries to French Eq. Africa. Served U.S. Navy W.W.11.
   2. 7RUTH DUNCANSON b. 1957 Paris, France; d. Africa
   3. 7LOIS DUNCANSON b. New York

5RAYMOND EMERY DUNCANSON (4Charles, 3Benjamin, 2William, 1James)
b. 17 June 1895; m. 1st Mrs. Gloria ----- 2nd Hannah Fedje. D. June 1960.
Burial at Fort Snelling national Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minn; Served in U.S.
Army during W.W. 1.
   3. 6COLLEEN DUNCANSON m. -----Sullivan - living at Carpia, N.D.

3EUNICE DUNCANSON (2William, 1James)
b. 1810 Gaspereaux, Nova Scotia; m. Robert Harvey (1806-1886); probably of
Horton, N.S. d. 1871; emigrated to Wisconsin.
Children: surname Harvey
   1. Thomas Harvey
   2. Ellen Harvey
   3. Mary Harvey
   4. Joe Harvey
   5. William Harvey
   6. Alex Harvey
   7. Al Harvey
   8. Charles Harvey
   9. Maryetta Harvey
   10) James Harvey (1850 - 1938) m. E. Bond
      1. Joe Harvey
      2. Rosella Harvey
      3. Clayton Harvey
      4. Myra Harvey m. C. Seyford
         Children: surname Seyford
         1. Lyman Seyford
         2. Rome Seyford
         3. Dutee Seyford
         5. Agnes Harvey m. J.W. Johnston
            Children: surname Johnston
            1. Evelyn Johnston m. -------Serum
               Children: surname Serum
               1. John Serum
               2. Jean Serum
            2. Roland Johnston
            3. Ray Johnston
            4. Jean Johnston

3JACOB DUNCANSON (2William, 1James)

b. 30 July 1813 Nova Scotia - Horton Rec. m. 7 Nov. 1838 Sarah A. Dodge (1819 - 1884); She was b. 6 Mar. 1819 and d. 4 Apr. 1884; d. 20 Jan. 1883; burial Baptist Cemetery, Nashville, Minn. Farmed in Horton, N.S.; was assigned ear mark for cattle; emigrated from Nova Scotia to Town of Warren, Winona, Minn. About 1856; census for Town of Warren of 1870 shows value of His farm at $7,000, machinery $700; (Minnesota census records).

i)     4REBECCA DUNCANSON b. 11 Mar. 1840 Nova Scotia. D. 29 Nov. 1921
ii)    4STEPHEN BENJAMIN DUNCANSON b. 18 Oct. 1841, Nova Scotia
iii)    4MARY ELIZABETH DUNCANSON b. 19 July 1843
iv)    4JAMES ALLEN DUNCANSON b. 17 Aug. 1846 Nova Scotia
v)     4AARON LAWSON DUNCANSON b. 4 March 1849, Nova Scotia
vi)    4JOSEPH JOHNSON DUNCANSON b. 29 June 1851
vii)   4EUNICE NORAH DUNCANSON b. 3 Nov. 1854
viii)  4WILLIAM HENRY DUNCANSON b. 6 Apr. 1856
ix)    4SARAH E. DUNCANSON b. 8 Apr. 1858; d. 18 July 1863

4REBECCA DUNCANSON (3Jacob, 2William, 1James)

b. 11 March 1840; Nova Scotia; m. Ira Cranfield; d. 29 Nov. 1921. No issue.

4STEPHEN BENJAMIN DUNCANSON (3Jacob, 2William, 1James)

b. 18 Oct. 1841 Nova Scotia; m. 21 Sept. 1870 Sarah ----; d. 25 Feb. 1907; served in Civil War.


4MARY ELIZABETH DUNCANSON (3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. 19 July 1843; m. E. Chisolm; d. 4 May 1872
   Children: surname Chisolm
   i) James Chisolm
   ii) John Chisolm

4JAMES ALLEN DUNCANSON (3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. 17 August 1846 Nova Scotia; m. Amanda Kern (1852 - 1929) dau. of Henry
Barton Kern and Nancy Leslie; d. 1916 Pittsburg, Kansas; Farmer and painter;
Moved to Iowa from Minnesota with six of the eldest Children in spring of 1882.
i)      5Charles Allen Duncanson
ii)     5Minnie B. Duncanson
iii)    5Hattie L. Duncanson
iv)    5Cora May Duncanson
v)     5William E. Duncanson
vi)    5Anna L. Duncanson
vii)   5Bertha A. Duncanson
viii)  5George B. Duncanson
ix)    5Barton R. Duncanson
x)    5Frank H. Duncanson

5CHARLES ALLEN DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. 1871; d. 1916; burial Pittsburg, Kansas; engineer.

5MINNIE B. DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. m. William Palmer
Children: surname Palmer

5HATTIE L. DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. ; m. John W. Parks
Children: surname Parks

5CORA MAY DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. 1878; m. Oliver Meekins
Children: surname Meekins

5WILLIAM ERNEST DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. m. Madeline Star
   i) 6William Ernest Duncanson, Jr.

5Anna L. Duncanson (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. ; m. William Bowers
Children: surname Bowers

5GEORGE B. DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. ; Served W.W. 1.

5BARTON R. DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. ; d. age 5.

5FRANK H. DUNCANSON (4James, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. ; m. Naomi Caulson of Fort Dodge, Iowa; served in W.W.1; shown in Des Moines, Iowa city directory for years 1941,1942,1943; residence in 1943; 680-18th St., Des Moines, Iowa.

4AARON LAWSON DUNCANSON (3Jacob, 2William, 1James)
b. 4 Mar. 1849 Nova Scotia; m. Dora Hubbard (1857 - 1919) dau. of William A.Hubbard of Michigan and who died 14 July 1895 aged 81 and Clarida Austin of Ohio.
   i) 5IDA DUNCANSON (4Aaron, 3Jacob, 2William, 1James)

   b. 16 Apr. 1877; married Walter Phillips ( - 1944) d. 1960; Ida Duncanson Phillips supplied information on Aaron Lawson Duncanson's family to J.V. Duncanson during his visit to St. Paul, Minn. In 1958
      Children: surname Phillips
      i) Roy Phillips (1902 - 1930)
      ii) Walter Alfred Phillips (1911 - 1914)
      iii) Everett Phillips Living at Spokane, Wash., 1958
      iv) Curtis Phillips " " Des Moines, Iowa, 1958
      v) Dorothy Phillips " " St. Paul, Minn. 1958
      Vi) Verna Phillips " " " " " "