What is the Horton Project?

John V. Duncanson
(1918 - 1999)
Born in Windsor, Duncanson graduated from Queen's and after being in the military service during WWII held the position as a Labour Relations officer in Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario and Quebec. Duncanson has won a number of awards because of his contributions to the heritage of Nova Scotia.



The Horton Project is an idea that I have toyed with for several years. A couple of years ago, I found out that John Victor Duncanson wrote a complete genealogical account of the Duncanson Family beginning with James Duncanson who settled in Horton, Nova Scotia. James is the common ancestor for the Duncanson Family. At this time, no one has been able to go beyond James.

In his introduction John Victor Duncanson hoped that someday maybe someone would expand upon his work and make it available to others interested in this family. This is the Horton Project.

I obtained a complete xerox copy of this manuscript from the Hants County Historical Society. Although the copy I received is readable, it is no longer publishable in it's present form. My wife, Susan and I are re-typing this manuscript and I will be formatting it accordingly and ultimately making it available for any Duncanson researcher.

It is my hope that interested researchers and curious family members will contact me with any information about the Duncanson Family and would also be gracious enough to provide documentation, pictures and suggestions to help make this project a success.

Please feel free to follow the button below to view a sample of this work in progress.


August 19, 2002
First 20 pages published; plans set for PDF file creation.
April 20, 2003
Added a few more pages. Working on data encription.