The Family Chronicle
April 2005


We're Back!

Once again, I have been remiss about the Family Chronicle , but here goes:







One afternoon, this is what I saw as I came home from work.



Ilia turned 4 this month. She loves to karaoke. Anyone need a "torch singer"?





We're Back! Part 2



She also got to go with Mommy, Daddy and Grandpa to see the Wiggles at the Rose Garden. This was her second time to see these guys in concert

  The house is getting a new roof. Kevin and the crew at A-1 TopNotch Roofing here in Vancouver, WA are doing a wonderful job. They had to rip three layers of poorly installed roofing and installed an architectural style to the house. It looks much nicer and the roof doesn't have to hold all the excess weight. If you live in the Portland/Vancouver area, give A-1 TopNotch a call.