The Family Chronicle
August 2002


Guess Who's Back???

Michael Donovan paid a surprise visit to Vancouver, WA in early August. Michael contacted Alan Connors and was picked up at the airport. Afterwards, Karl and Sylvie Mitschke became the new accomplices, and delivered Michael to Doug and Susan Young's home. There were a lot of tears of joy that special day in August. Michael then announced that Vancouver, WA is now his home. The entire family here in Vancouver is absolutely delighted to have Michael back.









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The Love of Family

The love of family sure showed one Friday night at the Mitschke residence. Christine and Sylvie were quietly visiting in the kitchen, when Christine noticed Michael had fallen asleep in the recliner in the living room. That's when Sylvie and Christine began planning. Christine mentioned it would be a funny idea to put a beer label on Michael's forehead and snap a photo. After doing so, Christine and Sylvie realized how boring that was and decided to "dress it up". Sylvie loaned Michael an attractive outfit to compliment his Budweiser label. Christine is quoted as saying, "That's what he gets for leaving for so long!" When the two girls were caught and asked if they felt any remorse for their actions against "poor Michael" they said, "NOT ON YOUR LIFE!"