The Family Chronicle
December 2001



Those are the now famous words, not by Forrest Gump, but by Susan Young! Susan was apparently on her way to her Doctor's appointment which was located in Portland, OR. Doug had just turned onto the Interstate off-ramp when their 1991 Oldsmobile decided to go kaput!. Doug contacted their friend Jim to come pick them up. Meantime, Susan just couldn't wait to go to the bathroom, even with her 29 year old son, John, in the back seat! She opened up her door and squatted right there on the off-ramp and relieved herself. When Jim showed up to take John and Susan home while Doug waited for a tow truck, Susan mentioned to Jim that she didn't even make it to her Doctor's office, and John pipes up, "yes, but she left her sample on the side of the freeway!" Don't worry...Susan lived through the humiliation.


Holocaust Information Now Available

This is a great opportunity folks. Susan has in her possession a CD of a holocaust story about Jehovah's Witnesses. Susan has graciously volunteered to supply anyone with a copy of this very interesting CD. All they need to do is supply two writable compact discs or two blank cassettes and she will hook you up. This is a great opportunity! Don't miss out! Act now! If you would like a copy, please contact Susan at the following email address:

Significant Dates:

December 19, Beverly Doody turned a whopping 60 years old. That's according to Linda Doody, so if I got the wrong age, it's Linda's fault.


An Enchanted Evening

James and Christine Sutherland celebrated their 7th anniversary on December 16th. In our November 2001 issue, it was mentioned that where and how they would celebrate was unknown. Well, anticipation is over, you can breathe easy, because here's the news! James and Christine decided to stay home for their anniversary. Pappy and Grammy Young took Ilia over night, while James and Christine enjoyed an evening out at Sylvia's Dinner Theater located on Sandy Blvd in Portland, OR. They serve Italian food and had champagne waiting for them at their table. The play that was showing was a romantic comedy called The Guardsmen. James and Chris say it was a wonderful way to celebrate 7 years!