The Family Chronicle
July 2002


Susan Busts A Gut

No.. this time it is NOT a medical condition. The Young Residence has decided to turn the rest of the garage into yet another room. Why? Because they have invested in the ever popular muscle toning machine, Bowflex. Now back to busting a gut... Doug needed to move his computer equipment into his "computer room". In doing so, he needed to move a very large cabinet that held various computer equipment. Now in order to do this, he had to get behind it and pull. Susan, got in front of it to push. This cabinet was going into a spot that only the cabinet would fit. So what happened? Doug got stuck! In order to get out, he had to crawl through the cabinet. What's this got to do with Susan busting her gut? Well.. can you imagine a 6 foot 7 inches tall man crawling through a very small space in a cabinet? No? Well see for yourself below!




E-mailed Joke Gets Bad Reviews

Some of you may have received a joke in your e-mail regarding Bill Clinton and little George Bush. If not, then feast your eyes on this baby.

One Of These Worthies Is A Rhodes Scholar...

The picture on the left is of Bill Clinton. The picture on the right is of George W. Bush. Both pictures were taken at the Korean DMZ.What is at issue is that one of the two didn't have enough sense to remove the lens caps from the binoculars before the photo opportunity

Funny joke right? Of course it is! But what comes next is even more funny...

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