The Family Chronicle
June 2004


We're Back!

It has been a long time since an update to the Chronicle, but here goes:



The big news for January was the snow storm that we had.


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More to be posted soon!


Ilia turned 3 this month. She is turning out to be quite a girl.



She also got to go with Pappy to see the Wiggles at the Rose Garden.




We're Back! Part 2



The old house is getting another change. The family room and Robert's room had the carpet removed and wood laminate floor was installed. (My knees still hurt!) We also retired the old car and replaced it with something newer and dependable.


Susan and Doug enjoyed a quiet 10th anniversary with dinner at Joe's Crab Shack.


Grandma and Grandpa took a short vacation to Bandon, Oregon and Ilia went with them. A great time was had by all and Ilia gathered a lot of beach rocks for her daddy. We also stopped at the Prehistoric Gardens to see the dinosaurs and the West Coast Game Park to pet some animals. Ilia got to pet a 14 week old bear cub. GRRRR!


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Robert received his GED at his graduation ceremonies.